We love and respect all people of all walks of faith and recognize that Bless It forward can radically touch and bless anyone in all religions.
Bless It Forward is a Christian organization that understand many individuals desire to explore what others religious convictions are and how they compare to Christianity. We love and respect all people, of all walks of faith, and recognize that Bless It Forward can radically touch and bless anyone, in any religion. We would hope that Bless It Forward would be cross cultural, with a vast diversification in whom it touches and blesses. This Q&A About God page will help shed some light on questions that many people have about other religions and especially about Christianity. This page is set up as a reference tool for those people that would like to explore more. We have found that the following links explore these questions and are independent and they are not affiliated with Bless It Forward.

We are not about hate, nor do we wish to engage in others hate tactics, because we don’t believe in the same things. We hope that together we can unite in the conclusion that love is our greatest asset and that if we need to, we can agree to disagree.